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L.I.F.E – Learning in Financial Eco Hub

People from different arena Invest Money in Conventional Products with Emotions, as we have never been taught about Investments & Emotions in our Education System. We Indians are worldwide renowned for our savings but yet we are amongst the poorest. In our life due to emotions, we get upset, frustrated, depressed, de-motivated & often we get tired, bored, weakens our relationship with loved ones, sometimes we think that our growth in business/profession is limited, that moment we need Motivations, Confidence, Positive Attitude, Out of the Box Thinking which can again bring us back on track & take us at the top of the World. In an Ever Increasing Pace of Life & Business it becomes even more important to remove stress & achieve Financial Goals to “JIYO HAPPY, BANO WEALTHY”.

  1. Businessman
  2. Executive
  3. Professional
  4. Housewife
  5. Student
  6. CA/CFA/MBA/Doctors
  7. Investor
  8. Trader
  9. Stock Market Analyst
  10. Stock Market Professionals
  11. Stock Market Dealers
  12. Every Individual (Above 16 years)

About Investments:

  • Equity, Commodity, Forex
  • Debt
  • Mutual Fund, ETFs
  • Index
  • Future & Option (Derivatives)
  • Research & Analysis for Investors/Traders
    • Real Time Fundamental Analysis
    • Dynamic Technical Analysis
  • Investment Ideas with Unique Strategies
  • Different Investment Avenues
  • Identification of Multibagger Stock or Hidden Gems
  • Wealth Creation Techniques
  • Effect of Interest Rate & Inflation
  • The 8th Wonder
  • Risk Reward Ratio Analysis
  • Dream’s Planning
  • Secret of Life Insurance & Health Insurance with Planning
  • Estate Planning

About Life Skills:

  • Positive Attitude & Thinking
  • Concentration Technique
  • Confidence Building Technique
  • Emotions Management
  • Success Mantras
  • Live Happy Life

(Everything will be taught in a Very Simple & Easy to Understandable Language in Practical Manner with Real Life Examples, Stories, Activities with Live Projects, which will make Easy to Learn & Remember).

  • Life Transforming Workshop of 4 Days
    • From 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
      • Workshop Schedule will be announced shortly

    Includes: Lunch | Tea-Coffee | Snacks

  • Online Practical Session on Zoom Meeting after Workshop
    • Experiencing Real Time Practical Sessions in LIVE Market
      • 5 LIVE sessions of
        • Intraday Trading in Real Market
        • Option trading in Real Market

  • 2 One to One Exclusive sessions with the Mentor


We are confident that you will love this workshop and that’s the reason we are willing to take all the risk out of your decision.

Register Now!

It will change your life completely with a purpose. If you are not completely satisfied by the end of 4th Day at 6:00 pm, simply return your workbook & course materials to our crew members. You will receive the complete refund with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose but you can gain many things in your life from this workshop.

The real risk in our life is, “INACTION”, so you must take action now !!

Pay only once & get benefit for your Life-Time…..!

In addition to that, you can also interact with the mentor through digital media to clear your doubt & concepts after completion of workshop. You can also repeat the same workshop as many times as you wish by just paying the sitting, fooding etc charges of the premises. No training fee will be ever charged again for the same workshop.


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