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Welcome to Financial Gurukul

Financial Gurukul is a leading Financial Education & Skill Development institute founded by Mr.Abhisek Prahladka, chairman of Sankalp Group on December 2010, which works on a very simple philosophy that Every individual should Live & Lead Life Successfully with a clear focus of creating bridge between Theory and Practical. Our workshops are aimed to help every individual to have a better personal and professional life with the expertise in the Investments.
In Dec 2010 he realized the emerging need of an educational institute for the development  of  whole society, providing them practical education of different skill sets in lucid manner with Right Mindset, And developed a unique institute named as “FINANCIAL GURUKUL”, which Empowers every individual to “Jiyo Happy , Bano Wealthy”.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most preferred choice of the people for financial education & to provide best education to our participants to make them world class professionals/ traders.

our vision

Our Vision

Our Vision encompasses overall development of the participants which include theoretical learning with practical application so that they can become successful in financial market.

our objective

Our Objective

That one can born poor for whom he has no role to play, but this knowledge can ensure that he will not die the way he was born. Knowledge is Power, no one can deprive it. Once it is gathered it can never fail till the economy exists


About Mentor

Chairman of Sankalp Group having practical experience of more than 25 years in financial market is the brain behind Financial Gurukul. He started his career at the age of 15 as a trainee, and then moved as an assistant to his father’s firm in Calcutta Stock Exchange (at that time trading use to happen in outcry system), after that he became Sebi registered sub-broker.

Mr. Abhisek Prahladka

He always believed that Everyone makes Money by 2 simple ways:

  • From Business Profession…………..…Hard Work
  • From Investment………………………Smart Work

In Business & Profession many times we get upset, frustrated, annoyed, irritated, depressed and de-motivated and sometimes we get tired, bored, even weakens our relationships with our loved ones and while many times we think that our growth in business & profession is wiped out or limited, at that moment we need motivations, confidence, positive attitude and out of the box thinking which can again bring us back on track and take us at top of the world.
That’s why everyone requires Life skills Training for achieving greater Heights…!!!!


  • Training by Chairman of Sankalp Group Mr. Abhisek Prahladka with Practical Experience of more than 20 years in the field of investment.
  • Training by *Best Financial Planner in INDIA.
  • Unique Learning through Real Life Examples, Activities, Meditations & Live Projects.
  • All Practical & Beyond the Book Training in a Lucid Manner
  • Learning about all Investment Products with Strategies & Planning for Short Term, Long Term Investment with Life Skills Training under One Workshop.
  • Learn with FUN.

  • Life Time Support.


“DEAD BECOMES ALIVE” just by being in touch with ABHISEK SIR. His aura is so pure and positive where you are motivated every second in all the aspects of your life. I really got to learn Many new things related to investment plans and goals of life.

Rajesh Agarwal

Earning money is very important but managing earned money more important than that. Here in Financial Gurukul we learned how to manage our finance in best possible manner.

Ganesh Kumar Shroff

It is a paathshaala which talk of money without any professional motive. I learn very new thing about investment and motivated myself and learn very interesting thing.

Rajesh Matia

It is really true Financial Gurukul, where you learnt a lot not about only finance but also about your confidence, positivity, determination and love for work. Really I got all the above things after attending seminar I also got positivity and confidence which I require very much in my life.

Sanjay Bhatt

This is not a course but a system by which we can change our Financial Life as well as social & family life too. I am grateful to Abhisek ji.

Prakash Khemka

If you want to double your earnings, you have to triple your knowledge. Think of the result when Financial Gurukul multiplies your knowledge by ten times.

Vinay Kumar Agarwal

An excellent “Out of the box” Program, a must do even not for financial market but for personal development. It’s confidence enhancing capability will make anybody earn.

Asish Chakrabarti

My Experience was wonderful. I learnt I can do everything. I can get which I really want “a happy new life”.

Reena Singh

Execution of knowledge consistently with self confidence, alertness and positive attitude is important for a happy and successful life. And this is exactly what I have learned hear and with my experience, I am all set to Live Life.

Sweekriti Sureka