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Financial Gurukul is a leading Financial Education & Skill Development institute founded by Mr.Abhisek Prahladka, chairman of Sankalp Group on December 2010, which works on a very simple philosophy that Every individual should Live & Lead Life Successfully with a clear focus of creating bridge between Theory and Practical. Our workshops are aimed to help every individual to have a better personal and professional life with the expertise in the Investments.
In Dec 2010 he realized the emerging need of an educational institute for the development  of  whole society, providing them practical education of different skill sets in lucid manner with Right Mindset, And developed a unique institute named as “FINANCIAL GURUKUL”, which Empowers every individual to “Live Happy & Live Wealthy”.

He always believed that Everyone makes Money by 2 simple ways:

  • From Business & Profession…………..…Hard Work

  • From Investment………………………Smart Work

In Business & Profession many times we get upset, frustrated, annoyed, irritated, depressed and de-motivated and sometimes we get tired, bored, even weakens our relationships with our loved ones and while many times we think that our growth in business & profession is wiped out or limited, at that moment we need motivations, confidence, positive attitude and out of the box thinking which can again bring us back on track and take us at top of the world.
That’s why everyone requires Life skills Training for achieving greater Heights…!!!!
Further  we need to invest our hard earned money into correct financial products. As we all know that we never were taught investments practically in our school, college or in professional courses. We Indians are worldwide renowned for our savings but yet we are amongst the most poor.
That’s why every person also requires training on investments for achieving higher returns …!!!
Therefore, he designed unique Workshops on various topics related to Investments, Wealth Creations, Life skills, Building Career in Financial Market…….
Ultimate objectives of all the programs are

Our Objective

“One can born poor for whom he has no role to play, but this knowledge can ensure that he will not die the way he was born.”

Our Thinking

Knowledge is Power, no one can be deprived of it.
Once it is gathered it can never fail till the economy exists.
Today Financial Gurukul  feels proud to say that we have  made a revolution in Financial Literacy and Now Our students include Manager of RBI, GMs of UCO Bank, Corporate Managers & Bank Managers, Stock & Commodity Brokers, Financial Planners, Investment Bankers, Businessmen, Professionals, Students, NRIs, Scientists, Analysts, Doctors, CAs, CFAs, MBAs, Trainers, Housewives…………..!!!