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About the Speaker

MR. ABHISEK PRAHLADKA, Mentor – Financial Gurukul | Chairman – Sankalp Group having practical experience of more than 25 years in financial market, who started his career at the age of 15 as a trainee in stock market, and then moved as an assistant to his father’s firm in Calcutta Stock Exchange (at that time trading use to happen in outcry system), after that he became SEBI registered sub-broker. With zeal to explore more about the different financial products & concepts he started his own broking house in Dec 2004. He always has believed that there is a lack of knowledge in this sector and hence developed a passion to bring literacy to common people with ease to understand. This brings the formation of “Financial Gurukul” in 2010. His attitude for contribution to mankind has helped thousands & thousands people through his different training programs. He has Trained more than 15,000 people, which includes RBI Manager, GM’s & Manager of Banks, Renowned Doctor’s, MBA’s, CA’s, CFA’s, Trainer’s, Analyst’s, Stock & Commodity Exchange Members, Professionals, NRI’s, Businessmen’s, Students, Housewives……!!!!

He has achieved many milestones and have been awarded several accolades for his achievements. Below are the details to name a few:

  • Achieved Highest Score in India in Live TV Show, Sensex Ka Sultan by Zee Business & Bombay Stock Exchange in SKS-II, Winner of SKS-II
  • Lucknow City Round organized by Zee Business & BSE.
  • Awarded Certificate of Excellence by Zee Business & Bombay Stock Exchange for Runner Up in National Round, Mumbai in SKS-II
  • Awarded Certificate of Merit by Zee Business & Bombay Stock Exchange for City Round, Kolkata in SKS-1
  • Expert Motivator, Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Coach, Leader & Mentor
  • Made a Record of Highest Profit in Live Derivative Trading Round in SKS-I
  • Certificate of Appreciation by Bombay Stock Exchange for Training to its Member
  • Certificate of Appreciation by BSE Investor Protection Fund for Educating Investors along with SEBI & BSE
  • Workshop on “Secret of Success in Financial Market & Life” with ANMI has been featured in ANMI Journal & ANMI Members Directory (EIRC)
  • His Approach & Success Mantra’s about Financial Market, Investments & Life skills has been featured by several TV Channels, News Paper, Radio Channels etc.
  • Certificate of Appreciation by “Bombay Stock Exchange” for Training its Members.
  • Certificate of Appreciation by BSE Investor Protection Fund for Educating Investors along with SEBI & BSE.

This makes him an Expert Motivator, Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Coach, Leader, and Mentor for every age group, from Businessmen to Students.

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    “DEAD BECOMES ALIVE” just by being in touch with ABHISEK SIR. His aura is so pure and positive where you are motivated every second in all the aspects of your life. I really got to learn Many new things related to investment plans and goals of life.

    Rajesh Agarwal

    Earning money is very important but managing earned money more important than that. Here in Financial Gurukul we learned how to manage our finance in best possible manner.

    Ganesh Kumar Shroff

    It is a paathshaala which talk of money without any professional motive. I learn very new thing about investment and motivated myself and learn very interesting thing.

    Rajesh Matia

    It is really true Financial Gurukul, where you learnt a lot not about only finance but also about your confidence, positivity, determination and love for work. Really I got all the above things after attending seminar I also got positivity and confidence which I require very much in my life.

    Sanjay Bhatt

    This is not a course but a system by which we can change our Financial Life as well as social & family life too. I am grateful to Abhisek ji.

    Prakash Khemka

    If you want to double your earnings, you have to triple your knowledge. Think of the result when Financial Gurukul multiplies your knowledge by ten times.

    Vinay Kumar Agarwal

    An excellent “Out of the box” Program, a must do even not for financial market but for personal development. It’s confidence enhancing capability will make anybody earn.

    Asish Chakrabarti

    My Experience was wonderful. I learnt I can do everything. I can get which I really want “a happy new life”.

    Reena Singh

    Execution of knowledge consistently with self confidence, alertness and positive attitude is important for a happy and successful life. And this is exactly what I have learned hear and with my experience, I am all set to Live Life.

    Sweekriti Sureka